ZEON 25 PC Version Full Game Free Download

Zeon 25 is a Casual, Adventure and Action game for PC. Stand from enemy spaceships!

Zeon 25 PC Sport 2020 Overview:

Get into the consoles games that are and manage your spaceship and protect your people.

Can you recall those really 16 bit consoles and exceptionally complicated games on these? If that’s the case, or if you are an old school lover this game is right for you. Yeswe agree that in our period she seems to be an alien and the programmers were overdue with her launch for 15 decades, but this really is a good indie project which will permit you to immerse yourself at the very pixelated world of your parents’ youth or youth.

Even in ancient accessibility, the match will require you around 4-5 hours, a few broken monitors along with a broken mouse. And this is the way we mentioned early access, so mean are defects and bugs, but the programmers are attempting to swiftly respond to them and fix them as fast as possible.

The storyline in the game is quite random and it will get interesting once the game is introduced and also the participant sees the entire picture. Yes, there’s a plot! And pump the boat and he desires to earn money. Yes, a system is here which will permit you to place the gun cooler over the boost or boat security you can change the skin! To enter it immediately is a suicide, although the entertainment is that the style, it spit it out and will irritate you. Because of this, we can state that this is everybody’s preferred pixyler who will send us to the universe of memories of 16-bit consoles and also provide a couple three great and intriguing evenings.

Features of Zeon 25:

  • Nice graphics
  • Relatively hardcore gameplay
  • Main theme music
  • Leaderboard availability

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel® Pentium® B970, AMD A4 6300B equivalent or better
  • Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics, AMD Radeon™ HD 8370D equivalent or better
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 128 MB available space