To the Moon PC Version Full Game Free Download

Download To the Moon at no cost on PC – Published on November 1, 2011, To the Moon is a story-driven experience about two doctors traversing backwards through a dying man’s memories to artificially fulfill his final wish. Discover how to download and set up for free on a PC within this article. Below you will find all the instructions, where you can follow every step. Don’t forget to share this post and website with your friends!


Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts have odd occupations: They give people another opportunity to live, all the way from the beginning… but only in their own patients’ heads. Due to the severity of this surgery, the new life becomes the final thing the patients recall before drawing their last breath. The operation is done in their deathbeds to individuals, to fulfill what they wish they had done with their lives, but didn’t. This story follows their attempt to fulfill an elderly person, Johnny’s dream. With every step back in time, a fragment of Johnny’s past is revealed. Since the events that spanned a life time are pieced together by the two physicians, they seek to find out why the frail old man chose his wish to become exactly what it is.


  1. Click on the Download button or the logo below and you’ll be redirected to MEGA.
  2. Click Download via your web browser Download with MEGASync to start the download. For downloading through web, you need to use the Chrome browser along with the MEGA expansion, which you can get here.
  3. Once To the Moon is completed downloading, you have to extract the .zip file. To do so you may need the free program named WinRAR, which you may get here. Click on the .zip file and click ‘Extract to that the Moon’.
  4. Double click the To the Moon folder and then execute the exe program.
  5. Have fun and play! Don’t forget as it helps to run the game prevents errors and crashes .


Click on the Download button below to open To the Moon Free Download.

You should have the latest DirectX version installed to prevent any errors. It’s possible to get it here!

Important: Make sure to disable any form of antivirus softwares on your computer.

Not doing so can cause difficulties with the game you are installing such as crashes and errors.

All the download files on this site are 100% clean and don’t include any virusus!


Processor: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz

Pictures: 16 MB Direct 3D Video Card

Storage: 100 MB available space